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ESI SRL - Homepage


ESI Ltd aims to cover all the needs of clients: thanks to a flexible and prepared team of technicians with decades of field work experience, it can offer a total package of services we can briefly and chronologically summarize below:ESI SRL - Servizi

  • preparation of feasibility studies and technical solutions to customer needs, starting from both physical and virtual sampling (such as “matrices” of complex elements), which through the aid of suitable software can be managed and processed
  • in the case of studies aimed at the design of material handling systems (standard and specific metal racks) ESI Ltd is also able to provide when requested evaluations and cost of transport and logistics optimization
  • the methodology we apply allows us to provide faster response times and very high quality results
  • design, development and sampling production, with direct involvement of the customer (logistics, production, quality, safety, etc..); besides, we can provide the 2D and⁄or 3D drawings of the product as far as structural calculation reports
  • customer service after the production and delivery
  • mass production of products, according to the quality standards required by the customer
  • after-sales technical service to guarantee adequate resources for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of equipment supplied, the supply of spare parts and the on-line technical assistance.

Our “Customer Service” is able to guarantee both
the emergency and the scheduled and preventive maintenance