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ESI SRL - Homepage


ESI Ltd, a company certified by the ISO 9001-2008 certificate, is based in Alpignano, in the province of Turin; its business purpose is vast, but the activity is attributable to that exercised following the ATECO classification code 25.11.00, Manufacture of metal structures and parts of metal structures

Even more specifically, the main activities to which ESI Ltd has been specializing over the years are:

  • design and manufacture of standard and specific metal racks for the internal and external handling of the various goods
  • design and manufacture of metallic doors for lifts
  • design, manufacture and installation of carpentry works aimed at various industrial sectors
  • supply and installation of metallic shelves capable of solving the most different storage requirements
  • design, manufacture and installation of turn-key equipments, for the material handling sector
  • design, manufacture and installation of “metal cladding” for automatic shops

In a kind of market characterized by an increasingly urgent demand, in terms of technology and quality, ESI Ltd aims, with daily commitment, to combine technology, quality, affordability, efficiency and fast response times; all this allows us to establish with our customers a ratio of true cooperation-consulting for optimal and competitive solutions.

In addition, the collaboration with specialized partner companies allows us to include in our corporate production cycle also the possibility to provide details for which precision machining is required.

The experience gained in specific sectors, has allowed our company to develop technologies, products and systems suitable to solve the various problems encountered in implementing the activities required by our Customers. Within the company we have the professional skills and knowledge to handle the entire production process in the most economical and effective way, from product development to design, construction, testing, installation, commissioning and training.

The design has been entrusted and guaranteed by a team of technicians with thirty years experience in the specific area. Equipped with working tools and cutting-edge software, they are able to develop projects and documentation according to customer specifications.
Each production step follows a control system that allows at any time to verify what enforcement measures have been taken in the design, manufacture, testing, management of environmental impact and safety areas.